Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nick Stellino's Pasta Alla Russa

The kids and I like to watch Create TV on PBS and my son, after catching a 13 pound lake trout that we smoked, thought that this dish looked good.  We tried this dish tonight and while my son really liked it the rest of us just kind of tolerated it because the flavor was so strong.  I like my smoked fish on cracker, but this was worth a try and if you are a person who likes a lot of the smoked fish flavor this is a good recipe to try.

Bow tie pasta in boiling water to el dente. 

 I the mean time...
Saute together

Add finely chopped shallots

Minced garlic

Smoked fish


Clam juice or chicken stock & Tomato sauce

Salt & Pepper


Cook sauce down a little
Add el dente pasta & a few peas.

cook to done

Top with Parmesan cheese 


Our home smoked Lake Trout

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