Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crepe Cake Layered with Blueberry Gelee and Lemon Curd

This week my baby boy is turning 8.  He was just a baby when I started this blog, I was looking for an outlet that was not all about babies.  He was a baby and his big sister was a toddler back then and I felt like all I did was change diapers, clean the house, and cook.

Actually, there was not time for much else!  Because I was already cooking I figured I could find 10 minutes every few days to set a type out a recipe that I had tried, and to log recipes because my brain was so fried I could not remember a thing.   Truth be told I never did really find 10 minutes for uninterrupted blogging, it never failed I get a few words in a I hear "MOM".  those days have passed an I can get 10 minutes without "MOM"....ooooo, never mine, BRB.

okay where was I...

Now that L is turning 8, and I am about to graduate college and set for the CPA exam, and heading back into the working outside of the home world, I find that life has taken over and the blog has been neglected (trust me I am still cooking).  Moments like this week where I make lemon curd and blueberry gelee with my boy, and then 100 crepes, and assemble all the bits and pieces together I hear the blog calling my name again.

L asked for a crepe cake with berries and lemon curd and this is what I made...

~Crepe Cake Layered with Blueberry Gelee and Lemon Curd~

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