Thursday, February 14, 2013

Breakfast Skillet

This is the best breakfast skillet I have made so far and I have made many.  I sprayed Pam on and lined a small hot cast iron skillet with sliced potatoes and topped with chopped kale, added a small amount of water and covered over medium low heat.  on another pan I sauted onion, red pepper, and chopped canadian bacon.  once done to my liking I put them on the cooking potatoes and then checked for done-ness on the potatoes.  Once soft I added some putter along the edge of the pan to melt down to brown that potatoes and put a little sharp cheddar on top and covered.  I cooked 2 medium eggs on the pan I cooked the onions and placed on top of the whole skillet.  Then invert everything onto a plate and eat with some hot-sauce.  yum

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