Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now What

okay, I have been done with my summer class for a few weeks now (got an A by the way) and I am cooking. I have not had time since last summer to enjoy the kitchen and wow I am enjoying. I have canned dill pickles, sweet pickles and tomatoes; all out of my own garden. I have also been creating new for me dishes and working with my daughter on things that she wants to try cooking. All of this has been so fun!

On top of all of that my husband has gotten me all kinds of new camera equipment to play with. The new stuff has given me a learning curve for photo taking but it has been fun.

I am sure you are starting to think, why has she not been blogging since she is doing all this kitchen play? I have a really good answer, my computer died. I am typing this on the Dell Latitude we have for the kids. While this is a great little computer for the kids I can't get the hang of typing and using this little thing and to blog on it would not really be very enjoyable to me. soooooooooo if it isn't one thing it is another and in 7 short days I will be back in class. I hope to post a few recipes soon, wish me luck!

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