Friday, February 25, 2011

School Lunch for the Kids

I pack lunch for the kids to take to school almost every day. On mornings that I am not feeling up to packing a lunch and I suggest school lunch the kids yell NOOOOOOOO! They are not the biggest fans of school lunch and would much rather a packed lunch; however, I don't always come up with good ideas of what to pack so I started browsing blogs for ideas. After a while I started thinking that maybe I should share what I pack for their lunches to maybe give other parents ideas of what they could pack.

Today my Dear Son (DS) had a toasted slim bun with cheese and hard salami, tomatoes (which he likes to eat on his sandwich), kiwi, and chocolate milk.
My Dear Daughter (DD) had Nutella sandwich on whole grain bread with the crust cut off (crust off in part because she likes it that way and part so it will fit in the container), carrot sticks, banana, and juice.

I pack it all in a insulated bag with a freezer packs that I got from IKEA, they are the best packs ever, I will have to share what ones in a future post.

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