Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Playing With Paint on the Wall

Feeling so guilty here that I have not been keeping up on my blogging. Blogging, the way that I wanted to log a reference for my recipes, crafts, home decor and art. It has nothing to do with neglecting all of these things, because I sure have been doing them; however, now that I look back I do not have a story or reference for the things I did do. Guess what, I am shooting myself in the foot for not writing it down.

Yesterday, after many weeks of thinking it through, I took the leap and painted the half bath in our new house the color inspired by the movie The Bridge to Terabithia. Yes, I painted the bathroom gold with that simmer effect to it, Ralph Lauren Metallic paint called Golden Candlestick. While there is a little touch up that needs to be done to my less then perfect paint job, I love it.

See for yourself...

Sink Before

Wall Before

Toilet Before

The painting on the right I painted a few weeks ago

I am so excite. I still need to find a rug and I would like to place some kind of twigs or branches over the toilet but that will have to wait for the right ones to come along, until then this is what it is.

I want to do this in the bedroom with silver but the hubby is not excited with that idea.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You are really brave. It looks amazing but it takes a lot to leap into a color like gold! Everything is tied together so nicely and it really does "feel" like Terabithia.
Maybe you could get away with a silver accent wall?

katiez said...

Hubby's can be such spoilsports.... Love the bathroom - think the bedroom would be gorgeous!

Amateur's Wife said...

Your bathroom bright gold... yet so tasteful! I tend to associate metallics with lame' and bad blue movies from the 1970's. *duck*

Your results are proof positive that my association is a misconception. Awesome job!

Kpierce said...

Absolutely love the gold wall. What paint and technique did you use to apply it to the wall?

Shayne said...

It is a special metallic paint and roller, they have it at Home Depot (that is were I got my stuff). I asked a lot of questions and they gave me an idea how to do it. it is hard to get the roller marks to look right and I do have some issues and I don't think I would try this with a larger room because it is time consuming.