Monday, January 24, 2011

2nd Annual Michigan Lady Food Bloggers Soup Swap

Yesterday a few of us Michigan lady Bloggers got together to swap some soup. The soup swap was started last year and I was not able to go because I was in Mexico at the time so when the question came out a few months ago as to who was going to host this year I jumped at the chance.

Winter and very cold weather just screams soup and on the day of the swap it was all of that here in Michigan. Despite the very cold temperatures Sarah, Mary, Margot, Bee and Yvonne made it out with their crock pots full of soup.

Galician Winter Stew

Creamy Potato and Canadian Bacon

Spicy Peanut Ginger Stew

Indian Spiced Red Lentil

Thank you ladies for a nice afternoon of great company and soup.


Margot said...

Thanks again for hosting us--you are such a fantastic hostess! It was great to meet you and have the chance to chat with some of the other MLFB people.

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

oh my, so sad I live on the other side of the state - they all look wonderful!

katiez said...

I love all your soups - it's a grey, rainy day here.... I'm in the mood.

hippieingeeksclothing said...

Based on the photos, I think it would've been worth the drive! They all look delicious!