Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Lucy Doll, Your Lucy Doll

Years ago a once good friend of mine made a doll for her Daughter. Her Daughter named that doll Lucy after the doll of the show Little Bear. My Daughter, Z. always wanted to play with that doll, she was only 2 at the time and she thought that doll was the greatest thing. For Z's 3rd birthday she received her very own Lucy. Look how happy she was!
Z still to this day, she is five and a half, she sleeps with Lucy. However, my son took a liking to Lucy so for Christmas when he was two and a half he got his very own Lucy with fuzzy orange hair and he too sleeps with his Lucy every night.

After we got settled into our new place here in Mexico our new neighbor has a Daughter who is two and a half and she took a liking to Z's Lucy so I made her her very own Lucy, see below.

this is just after I stuffed the 12" doll body with polyfill and I am working on applying the face

here is Sara's Lucy with face and hair and I am getting ready to make the dress. As you can see she is a pretty little thing.


sofia said...

thanks for visiting and commenting my blog! helsinki is a awesome place though it is quite small. what time of year have you visited here?

ps. your daughter is adorable!

Shayne said...

I visited in the winter and I do plan to visit some day in the summer.


Boracay hotel said...

Yeah. Your daughter is adorable. That dolls is absolutely cute as well. I guess your daughter loves it.
Have a nice day!