Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Calixtlahuaca pronounced (ka-leesh-tlah-WAH-kah) is a historic site just North West of Toluca Mexico. Calixtlahuaca has archaeological remains of various pre-Columbian cultures, including temple of Quetzalcoatl, pyramid of Tlaloc, Tzompantli (House of Skulls). Calixtlahuaca was first excavated by José García Payón thoughtout the 1930's.

this is the best known building of the Calixtlahuaca. It is a large four-stage circular pyramid dedicated to the Aztec wind god Ehecatl and did house a live size sculpture of Ehecatl.

This was spectacular to climb up and a rush to try to help 2 small children back down the very high, very steel steps that are on the far side of the pyramid.

This was first thought to be the school but was later determined that this was the palace do to structure is exactly the palace standards of known aztec palaces. The Palace is located farther down the small volcano, Cerro Tenismo, then the other two structures.
Farthest up the volcano is this site that has an odd cross like building with stone knobs sticking out all over it representing skulls.

becasue we did not have a car for the first couple of weeks we were in Toluca the Hotel that we were staying at organized a Hotel Taxi to take up out to visit the Calixtlahuaca. He was an older man that did not speak English, we were able to communicate thought a little Spanish and hand gestures and he got us to the site. He joined us while we walked through and on the ancient buildings, climbing high on them and helping my daughter back down. as a matter of fact my daughter held his hand almost the entire trip. Come to find out it was his first trip to the Calixtlahuaca also and I think he may have enjoyed it more then we did. Here they are, with my hubby and son, going down the lowest structure...

for more information please visit some of these interesting sites:
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Cosmovitral in Toluca Mexico

We are now in Mexico. We are living in a Hotel in Toluca until we can find an apartment to rent in Santa Fe. Living in one room in a hotel with 2 young children is challenging and can feel very claustrophobic so to fight the phobia we all took a quick trip into the City Center to see The Cosmovitral.

The Cosmovitral is said to be one of the world's highest, largest and most spectacular works of art. I thought that the large stain glass windows the lined all the way around the building consisting of 28 different colors was exhilarating. The Stained glass was competed in 1990 by Leopoldo Flores Valdes. to read more visit this Mexican Vacation Site

While the stained glass was well worth the visit don't expect too much out of the garden itself. I found that the vegetation lacking and the water pools very industrial.

After Visiting The Cosmovitra we walked around the City Center and enjoyed some Chorizo Sandwiches or Torta Chorizo at a little corner meat and sandwich shop. The Torats were go great and we were so hungry we gobbled them down before I got photos (this is becoming a trend that I must stop) the sandwiches were flavorful with condiments of crushed jalapeno, tomatoes and onions and only cost 35 pesos. Also in the square was a Chinese restaurant with one lonely Chinese guy eating, McDonald’s, Berger King, and several other little shops and food stands.

Toluca is known for its chorizo which is made of ground pork prepared with a sauce made of tomatoes, pumpkin mole, pipian and other spices like salt, pepper, white wine, almonds, potatoes, vinegar, garlic and chile.