Sunday, November 2, 2008

Randy the Milkman

Earlier this year I read a post by on Kim's blog, The Farmer's Marketer about Calder Dairy entitled Stan the Milkman and how Stan delivered fresh milk to her home in glass jars. Thinking there is no way this could possible be cost effective, and how good is fresh milk anyway, I did not call right away. After all, milk is milk! How wrong I was! the milk price is comparable to organic milk prices, even a little less, and the charge to deliver to my area is only $2.00. Ok, I was sold on the price. The milk is what keeps me coming back. their milk is so rich and creamy, and I am talking about the fat free stuff. There has been times since we started the service where we have had to buy grocery store milk and it is horrible, I could never go back to everyday plastic or cardboard container milk again, NEVER! you can't make me! All in all I have fallen in love with fresh milk again and Calder Dairy.

Oh, yes and because the sign is in the photo...Obama for President.


thecoffeesnob said...

I hate milk- the ones i get from the supermarket tend to be really tasteless and watery- but just hearing you rave about Randy the Milkman's milk has got me wishing i had a glass of it.

Shayne said...

thank you, yes this milk is wonderful. If you ever find a jar of fresh milk like this, try it.