Friday, March 7, 2008

My New Set

My Husband and I were shopping last week and came across this set of dishes and we really liked them so we went for it and got this beautiful set for 4. Also, because I have been cooking a lot of Asian food lately we thought that is was a good choice.

This weeks Menu

-Beef roast with potatoes and Carrots
-Beef Barley soup from the left over roast
-broiled salmon with spinach salad (this one was what my Daughter added to the menu Salad with salmon fish in the oven under the flames is what she said)
-Pasta with red sauce
-Dinner at Warda's this week also, which is always a joy. Her cooking is wonderful.


katiez said...

I love those!!! Especially the long plates - perfect for asparagus or long, flat, uncut Italian green beans..
Plus they would go with the rest of my dishes.
My address is:

Shayne said...

your right they are perfact for asparagus I was thinking pot stickers and sushi rolls. Cool, yet another reason to use them and I got some great asparagus at the store today, I have not seen any this nice since last year.

Warda said...

"under the flames" is better than broiled. Makes more sense to me! Great set! World Market in Novi is going out of business; they have a beautiful collection of asian plates, bowls...etc.

Shayne said...

NO! World Market is going out of Business, I love that place

Miss Ifi said...

Those dishes are BEAUTIFUL!! I am a bit jealous, the colour is just so vibrant, CONGRATS on your new set of dishes.
I shall drop by for Roast with potatoes and carrots and for sure for the flaming salmon *wink*

winedeb said...

Wow, what a treat! Those are really nice Shayne! Isn't it amazing how something like that makes you feel sooo good! Looking forward to the photos where the dishes are full of food!!!!

Emiline said...


Christine said...

Love the dishes Shayne!

Shayne said...

Thanks everyone, I am really excited about some colorful dishes we have white or plastic. I will post the plastic ones soon.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Beautiful color blue! I love a great find!
P.S. thanks for the link!