Friday, March 14, 2008

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad

To gear up for spring I have been craving light and springy vegetables. This salad just kept growing as I was digging through the refrigerator. I started with baby spinach and then I added the left over mango from breakfast (I would hate for it to go to waste), I love dried cranberries in salad so I grabbed a handful and tossed them on and I have some Philbert's in the freezer that are in danger of going rancid, I toasted a handful of them and added that to the salad, I then notices a few grapefruit sections. hummmmm what else was in that fridge, oh, oh some avocado and look cucumbers. ok, ok I have to stop so I blended up a little low sugar cherry jam with some raspberry vinaigrette that I don't care for and it tasted great the jam balanced the vinegar in the vinaigrette perfectly and was great over all those veggies.

This Was a Great Salad.


Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi Shayne, With a little of this, and a little that, just look what you created!! I would order this salad on any menu.... Delicious!

winedeb said...

Clean the fridge salads are the best as they get rid of the guilt feeling of tossing away good food and they taste so darn good!

Shayne said...

Thanks you guys I think I will have to have another salad tonight for dinner and this time I will add baby banana.