Saturday, February 9, 2008

Too much to do too little time

These last few weeks have been so busy with the family getting the flu not once but twice and my statistics class taking more study time then I ever thought I would have to give it. I have not been doing much cooking and that leads to no blogging. Here are a few peeks of what we have been eating around here. Trust me it was nothing exciting, just filling.
Cucumber, 1/2 an avoacado, pickled beets, brie, turkey bacon and Milton's high fiber bread
grapes, blueberries, pineapple and grapefruit with tea

baguette, soft boiled egg, pickled beets, brie, tea, thai hot and sour soup, blueberries and grapes

Whole Wheat flat bread with hummus, carrots, pear, boiled egg and pickled beets

Serbian Meat Pie

seared salmon with pesto, cherries and whole wheat flat bread filled with hummus and cucumbers


Emiline said...

All of your food looks delicious and healthy. It's sure to give you all the nutrition you need.

Get those kiddies better soon!

Christine said...

Your meals look so healthy and I hope you'll post the recipe for the Serbian pie (or maybe you have?).

Shayne said...

Christine, I guess I have not posted it on my blog. I will put the recipe together soon.


winedeb said...

Hope you are all feeling much better! I have been away from my computer the past week with family and friends who came to visit!
Good to be back and your food looks good enough to heal anyone!

Shayne said...

Thank you so much Deb and I see from your blog that you had a great time last week.