Monday, November 5, 2007

This Weeks Menu - A little late

-Lentil Soup with cornbread - DD asked for this one
-Gnocchi with vegetable Marinara and salad - one of DS's faves.
-Chicken Taco
-Pepper or sesame crusted Tuna with steamed broccoli and Cauliflower
-Chicken Pot Pie
as always we will be eating leftovers on some days.


winedeb said...

Wow, what a line up! You have a lucky little family! Does everyone like all the dishes? I remember when my mom made liver and onions, my brother and I refused to eat! So she had to make a second dinner for us the night she and dad had liver and onions!

Shayne said...

not everyone will eat everything every night and I do not make a second meal. If you don't eat it you can wait until morning. However, there is usually something that everyone will eat like the veggie or the starch. For example DS is on chicken strike so he eats potatoes and veggies and a really big breakfast the next morning.

On this line up DS did not eat the lentils (because they were a funny color) and I may have an issue with getting both to eat the pot pie outside of that the kids (and Hubby) will eat the rest.