Thursday, November 29, 2007

Breaded Pork Loin Steaks

Breaded pork is not fancy it is just good and not just for pork. When I was a child we ate a lot of venison and it was/is GREAT breaded. Breading is a fairly easy process, the hardest part is being sure the oil is the right temperature.

cut 1/4 inch stakes out of what ever meat you are using. If working with a tougher meat such as venison hammer each steak with a meat hammer to help tenderise it. Season meat with salt and pepper.

In 3 separate shallow bowls place flour in one, beaten egg and water in the other and bread crumbs in the last bowl (ground cracker or cornflakes are great too).

In a heavy frying pan (I use cast iron) add enough vegetable to fill pan 1/4 of an inch. Heat oil on high heat until the oil is dancing (it looks like there are waves in the oil) but just shy of smoking. You can also test if oil is hot enough by touching it with the corner of the first steak and if it sizzles the second the meat touches it is hot enough.

While oil is heating dredge meat in flour then egg and cover with the bread crumbs and gently lay meat away from you in hot oil. repeat with steaks until the pan is fun yet not crowded (about 4 steaks) and the oil is foaming up around the meat. turn heat down to medium to cook the steaks to a golden brown on both sides.


winedeb said...

Looks good to me! So does the asparagus:)

Shayne said...

Thanks Deb.

katiez said...

That's my problem...I never put enough oil in the skillet...thus I always loose the breading on the bottom of the pan.
I know it's supposed to be easy but it's one of those things....