Monday, October 1, 2007

Post #100 and a Soup Terrine

I just noticed that this will be post number 100. I can't believe that I started this blog to figure out why people do it, I had no intention of being such an admit blogger and falling in love with it. I HATE writing, it is work for me, it is not something that comes naturally and yet I love to food blog. My LOVE of food, recipes, cooking, eating, and cookbooks is that much stronger than my hate for writing. I know that sometime you can't call what I do writing, but you get the idea.
~Soup Terrine~

I have wanted a soup terrine for a few years but I could never find the right one. either it cost a lot more then what I wanted to spend or it was so ugly that I just didn't want it. The other day I found the perfect terrine. It was only $20.00 and it looks good too. I am so happy with it and have been making soup just so I can use it.


katiez said...

Gorgeous terrine - worthy of good soup!
Congrats on #100!

Aimée said...

Great job! I celebrated my 100th post not too long ago, and yes, it came as a surprise that I had been going that long, too!
Keep it up!

daphne said...

i feel like an idiot but what does a terrine do?

Shayne said...

Daphne - A Terrine hold soup and keeps it warm. It is just a fancy way to serve soup, that is why I didn't want to spend too much on it.

Kelly Mahoney said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and congratulations on your 100th post!

winedeb said...

Congrats on #100 Shayne! You have a great site!
Your terrine is soooo pretty! I do not blame you for wanting to fill it with soup all of the time!

Tea said...

How beautiful! I love the red--it will be warming and cozy all winter long. I must admit, I am a little jealous (but also glad that it is yours to enjoy).

And congrats on #100!