Friday, September 21, 2007

I did it

I was under budget for the first time since I started a budget. I was $10 under budget; however, I still need to spend the $5.00 on the paneer for my matar peneer. I am so geeked.

I have a confession to make some of my menu is left over from before that for one reason or another I never made but had some of the ingredients for.

~Stuffed rolled pork or what ever I am going to call it
~Matar peneer
~Indian Spiced chicken patties in pita, cucumber yogurt salad, curried potatoes
~Home made thin crust pizza
~Tortellini soup
~Olive Tapenade pasta

I started looking at all the food in my fridge when I am done with my shopping and how much is not in my fridge before and all I can say is my kids may be small but they eat a LOT!


katiez said...

Great-looking menu... and wait until they're bigger.... then you'll see how fast food disappears.

Shayne said...
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Rose said...

Nice job Shayne. I am sure your kids will grow up knowing the difference between what's best for them. Which is their mama home cook meal.

Shayne said...

I eat a ton of food when I was growing and I am sure that I will have to shop more then once a week.

I hope they don't eat too much fast food, My Daughter already likes McyD's and we only eat there about 5 times a year, if that.

Shayne said...

Thank you Rose Oh yes and My hubby loved the apple muffins

Rose said...

- Oh Shayne you made them. Waouuu I thought you were just kidding. People were being scared of the combination. How do YOU like them?
Now you know you are an adventurous foodie. I like it.