Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vacation Day 4

We are heading home today and we are going the long way from St. Paul, through the upper peninsula of Michigan. The Plan was to get as far as Escanaba, MI and stay the night; however, after asking a few question we found out it was only 3 hours to "the Bridge" and that being our planed destination for the next day we kept going after dinner.

Dinner was at Hereford & Hops Restaurant and Brewpub. This was an interesting restaurant because they had a large grill area where you choose and grill your own stakes it look great however, after 6 hours of traveling I did not have the energy to cook my steak nor did I want to eat a heavy steak. I was in the mood for a drink and they had just the thing, a nice DARK beer. It was the Black Springs Double Stout and it was very good. The Description describe this beer with hints of dark chocolate and liquorish, two of my favorite candies and this beer lived up to its description.

I got Brochette which was very good and clam chowder (my DD eat all my chowder). Hubby got all you can eat peel and eat shrimp (reporting that is was good) and the kids got cheese, crackers and fruit plate that they listed on the kid many however it did not come with crackers and a lot of melon (my kids eat a lot melon not being one of the things they eat). My son had some shrimp.

Now off to drive the last 3 hours until we get to stop for the night.

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