Monday, August 27, 2007

A 64 SQ FT Kitchen is the Best Place to Eat

I do crazy things all the time and today was no exception. I packed up the kids and drove a little more then an hour to have lunch with Rose, a fellow food blogger. We met at the coffee house as planned and my 2 year old son saw Rose and her daughter walk into the shop and he pointed at them and said there they are, as if he knew them all of his life.

Like Rose I was nervous but my way of hiding my nerves is to talk and I will talk a LOT. I have to say that when I left I kept saying to myself that I should not have talked so much! And I am even a little nervous now afraid I may even write too much. Once I got over the fact that I talked too much I called my husband to tell him how wonderful lunch was, I had to share my enthusiasm with someone.

Rose first served a soup called Harira that was so wonderful, full of flavor and spice; however, I didn’t get to eat much of it because my 3 year old daughter took the bowl of soup from me and ate it up saying this is delicious (you know it is good food when a 3 year old says so) there was also roasted red and green peppers with tomatoes and garlic, a green salad, carrots that I have to try to make this week, and savory crapes stuffed with roasted chicken, tomato and olives they were so good. To end the meal, my first fresh mint tea, I had never had fresh mint tea before (only that dried stuff), but at I watched Rose prepare the tea with my daughter I was more and more intrigued and it too, with the cardamom madeleines, was out of this world.

I can’t wait to see Rose and her gorgeous daughter again! I enjoyed her company and watching the kids play together, it was an afternoon to remember. Thank you!

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winedeb said...

What a great day! Must be fun to actually meet up with a fellow blogger! Especially when you both have the same interest - FOOD! So much to talk about!