Sunday, August 26, 2007

Going to a 64 SQ FT Kitchen

I am meeting Rose from 64 SQ FT Kitchen for the first time on Monday for lunch and I am getting so excited. I don't get an opportunity to talk with other foodies so this is something that I am looking forward to, I hope I don't embarrass myself and the kids behave.


Rose said...

I have the same fears too Shayne.No worries about your kids, Layla will teach them how to run everywhere and sing as loud as possible.
I hope they eat everything!
Come really hungry! Or bring a sandwich in case you won't like the food.

See you tomorrow!

Shayne said...

well I know that I will love the food. Kids are just hard to guess, sometimes they do sometimes they don't eat.

Pille said...

Hope you had great time with Rose! I've had a chance to meet few fellow foodbloggers over the last two years, and I've had great time each and every time!!

Shayne said...

Pille - we had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see Rose again. I am so happy that I joined the food blogging community.