Friday, July 20, 2007

Vacation Day 2

While in Milwaukee we went to the Zoo and after that we headed to Marquette University for Lunch. We found a little place on the corner of Wisconsin Ave and 17th called Ziggies.

We walked in and the man behind the couner greeted us with a big smile, ton of charm and a greek accent. I knew this was the right place! He was so sweet with my 3 year old daughter (taking her over for a very big ice cream sample) talked with the kids with such enthusiasem and the smarkle in his eye when he talked about his food. He was a food lover and proud of it.

I got chicken Panini and it was full of wonderful homemade pesto along with chichen breast and swiss cheese (yum)

Hubby got the Gyro which looked wonderful (he never offered a bite) this came with homemade Jaijki sauce that was out of this world.

the kids got cheese paninis with waffel fries.


Bridget said...

I wish I would've known you were in Milwaukee!

Shayne said...

Oh yes I forgot that you live near there.