Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 1 Dinner

For Dinner I was hoping for something new and I sure found the right place for that. The Bavarian Inn is very unique in decor and menu. However, it was us and the old farts, retired people always know the best little places.

Hubby and I split an order of Roast pork, garlic mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. this worked out nice for me because I love sauerkraut and Hubby does not. The food was very good, I would say it was like homemade, you can't get much better then that.

I also had the lentil soup. It was good soup but I did not like the caraway seeds in it.

This is not a place I would recommend taking young kids to. They do have the standard kids menu items; however, the clientele can easily get irritated if your children are not as quiet as a mouse. My two were well-behaved for children that had been cooped up in a car for 6 or more hours (only getting louder than the other tables 3 times) but I could tell a few people were slightly irritated.

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