Monday, December 18, 2006

days fly by

sugared ginger
I made sugared ginger for the first time this weekend prompted by the fact that I went to 3 stores and I could not find any for a recipe that I wanted to make a week i can' remember what that recipe was.

Charlotte's Web
I took DD to see charlotte's web today this is the second movie that she has ever gone to and the first time we did something like this just to two of us, I really enjoyed spending the time with her and she eat about 4 cups of popcorn.

I pulled DD put of preschool on Friday after figuring out that they were not putting in with the preschool class (age 4) and putting her with the day care kids because there were only 2 3 year olds and then they were surprised that she could do the work of the 4 year old group. NO SHIT I was paying for preschool and they never even evaluated her to determine what class to put her in they put her in with the day care kids because she was 2 but she had always functioned a year ahead, hell all of her friends are 8 months or older then she is. time for a new school.

a note about chestnuts. Never peel them with your nails you get little fibers under them and they hurt for days.

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