Sunday, December 3, 2006

My baby is 3 today

Today Z turned 3 and I made her a Belgian chocolate cake in the shape of Cinderella it was a yummy cake nice and rich and DH actually 8 some. I started with the cake at 10AM and I was done with it at 4PM and darn standard counter hight is a little low so I am feeling it in my back (if I ever get to design my own kitchen those counters are coming up 3 inches).

Z got a cute purple "party dress" a few weeks ago and we saved it for her birthday and she was soooooo happy to wear it today and then celtic woman was on PBS and she watched them sing and dance in their gowns and she would say that they have a party dress just like me. I am going to record it next time it is on and if she really gets into it I will take her to the concert in April, a mommy daughter night out.

Z got a doll made by one of my closes friends. Z loved it becasue it was just like her friend's doll, Lucy. as soon as she saw the doll she grabed it and spun around and said "my Lucy"

Here they are with their matching Lucys.

Today was a good day!

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