Monday, December 18, 2006

Menu week 12-15-06

bacon wrapped scallops with puréed sweet potato, roasted beets, and Broccoli Raab/Rapini sautéed in olive oil and garlic
Greek macaroni casserole
Chicken soft Tacos
Rice noodles & tofu in peanut sauce that I got from Mahanandi’s website

days fly by

sugared ginger
I made sugared ginger for the first time this weekend prompted by the fact that I went to 3 stores and I could not find any for a recipe that I wanted to make a week i can' remember what that recipe was.

Charlotte's Web
I took DD to see charlotte's web today this is the second movie that she has ever gone to and the first time we did something like this just to two of us, I really enjoyed spending the time with her and she eat about 4 cups of popcorn.

I pulled DD put of preschool on Friday after figuring out that they were not putting in with the preschool class (age 4) and putting her with the day care kids because there were only 2 3 year olds and then they were surprised that she could do the work of the 4 year old group. NO SHIT I was paying for preschool and they never even evaluated her to determine what class to put her in they put her in with the day care kids because she was 2 but she had always functioned a year ahead, hell all of her friends are 8 months or older then she is. time for a new school.

a note about chestnuts. Never peel them with your nails you get little fibers under them and they hurt for days.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

last day of class this semester

well today was the last class for the semester it was painting and I enjoyed the class and wish that I could take painting next semester but I have way too many just for the hell of it classes under my belt and now I have to focus on that degree. Oh and I got and A. A few weeks ago I suggested that our last day be pot luck so I had way too much to eat. I took pistachio stuffed dates dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in pistachios, sugar cookies, jam covered shortbread cookies, and spinach dip with various dipper. Not many others brought home made items; however, on young man, Jeff really surprised me and brought homemade brownies that he made with his mother, I just thought that was the sweetest thing. Some girl will be lucky to land him. ok well I eat the pot luck but before that my babysitter had ordered falafels and hummus and garlic and bread (she lives in Dearborn MI and you know they have to best middle eastern food outside of the middle east) and well I had to eat some...ok, ok a lot. And then pasta for dinner at the sitters (hey, she’s a close friend too) Tomorrow I am having my DD's toddler playgroup over for lunch and the kids are getting organic hotdogs and mac&cheese and we mommies are having spinach salad with goat cheese, walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette. yum, yum

some of my paintings: The artist copy painting, Red Flower, and Leaf with a dew drop

my hubby is out of town for training for a few days do it is just the kids and I so I am not sure what I will be doing but I do know that I am going to make an old fashioned pot roast because I like them and DH doesn’t so this is my treat.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Found myself again

my computer's hard drive died so I am waiting for a new one and I don't get much of a chance to get online right now. a lot has happend yet nothing since I have posted so I will not say much. Zo is being a bear and Loo is picking up on it and doing his own tantrums now and DH is leaving town to warmer climate...what a life what a life.


Sunday, December 3, 2006

Menu week Dec 1 - Dec 7

Broiled Trout with Serbian boiled potatoes with swiss chard
Steamed Lamb with cumin, boiled potatoes, and cucumber yogurt salad
chicken in Tamarind Sauce with rice and Pot stickers
Pork scaloppini in garlic wine sauce mashed potatoes and creamed spinach

wow must be the cold weather but I have a lot of potatoes and meat this week

My baby is 3 today

Today Z turned 3 and I made her a Belgian chocolate cake in the shape of Cinderella it was a yummy cake nice and rich and DH actually 8 some. I started with the cake at 10AM and I was done with it at 4PM and darn standard counter hight is a little low so I am feeling it in my back (if I ever get to design my own kitchen those counters are coming up 3 inches).

Z got a cute purple "party dress" a few weeks ago and we saved it for her birthday and she was soooooo happy to wear it today and then celtic woman was on PBS and she watched them sing and dance in their gowns and she would say that they have a party dress just like me. I am going to record it next time it is on and if she really gets into it I will take her to the concert in April, a mommy daughter night out.

Z got a doll made by one of my closes friends. Z loved it becasue it was just like her friend's doll, Lucy. as soon as she saw the doll she grabed it and spun around and said "my Lucy"

Here they are with their matching Lucys.

Today was a good day!

no power

we just got power back today at about 4 PM after being out of power for about 26 hours. I was supposed to make a pumpkin ginger spice chocolate cake for my friend Amy today for her birthday and a cake for my DD for her B-day tomorrow and do to no power I didn't get any cooking or baking done. it kinda sucked at least Amy's DH was able to get a good bakery cake.