Sunday, November 26, 2006

fruitcake or nuts

This is my first Blog. I was looking up fruitcake recipes last night and found a lot of blogs about cooking and thought it looked interesting so I thought that I would try it. I am not sure what to expect or were I will find the time to do it or if I will even like it. if any bloggers out there read this maybe you can enlighten me as to why you do it.

well I just spent 2 hours running around the Detroit suburbs looking for ingredients to make fruit cake and a $100.00 later (for dried fruit and Rum) I have most of it and all almost organic with no sugar added. I got the fruit home and my DD and I cut it up and now it is macerating in Rum and apple cider. This is my first time making Fruitcake and I hope it is like the tasty brick that my mother used to make, it was so heavy and rich from soaking it in orange juice for a month.

have to go check the stuffed cabbages and pick up after the kids.

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