Thursday, November 30, 2006

you think you eat better than me

ok,ok I posted my first blog partly to figure out if I would like it and what the draw was but I felt that I had waisted my time thinking about what to post and then trying to word it right (i am not a writer by any means) and when I was done I felt really put off by it and now it is something like 4 days later and I feel like I need to vent and I do one of 2 things pour it all into my journals next to my bed that I have been doing off and on for 14 years now or bottle it up all inside. Than I realized that this is what blogging might be for, just the world can read your toughts....hummmm maybe I will be some of them private. No it is not about my interests FOOD and talking about that but about me and what is going on....soooo lets try this approach and see if it is for me and helps.

today is a bitch....

I have a friend that I have known now for about a year and a half and she introduced me to her vegetarian friends (who she is not longer friends with) and I was out for Sushi one night with them (we all so to the same Yoga studio and Sushi place right next door) and we were talking about food and one friend (I will call her M) and I were talking about her coming over for dinner and I was asking if she eats fish and she said no bla, bla, bla and Our yoga instructor and "friend" (I will call him G) added a comet about how meat eaters are bad and that we should be shunned and G and M got a little rude about the fact that I eat meat ok well that was in September and I have not seen them sense. my food friend that introduced me to G and M is now a vegetarian (she eats fish) and last night we went out of Sushi with another friend and I was talking about how I just started liking sushi because I am not eating the California roll which has a horrid texture to me (explanation to come) and my friend (I will call her Toni who has been a vegitarian for about 3 months) busted out and was saying that she don't care what the texture or taste is I will eat it if its good for me, while stuffing a California roll in her mouth (my god eat something you enjoy, love life a little). What is it with Vegetarians that they think that they are a superior eater and care for their bodies better then carnivores, I have always respected their choice in what they eat. I have to say that I am not a typical carnivore were I feel I have to get my 30 pounds of meat in a week I eat meat about 5 days a week (this includes at least on fish if not more) and about only 2 ounces a day including all meals and lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains (not the super market crap the says "whole grains" on the package for sales) but WHOLE GRAINS, and beans and my oil is olive oil I eat what I think is a healthy diet and I am not going around acting like I am the temple of healthy eating. ok,ok enough with my bitch.

SUSHI my new love

I have tried sushi several time in the past and never cared for it. The first time I went with friend and because I was a sushi virgin they got me the California roll and I found the pressed together sticky mass of rice was a bad texture ( am a 75% texture 25% taste person it can taste bed but if it has a great texture I will like it) and I just did not like it and then add the slightly chewy imitation crab chunk and YUK and so after that I would tell people that I did not like sushi and they would tell me to go and try it and to get the California roll, apparently these people thought I did not like the IDEA if eating raw fish NOT THE CASE, and I would try that CA roll and the taste was fine but that texture was still horrid. Well I tried something new last fall it was called the house of yoga roll with asparagus, cucumber, and avocado and WOW it was good the crunch of the asparagus and the creaminess of the avocado and the juiciness of the cucumber were great and now I have tried all kinds of sushi and love it but I still hate that California roll.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

fruitcake or nuts

This is my first Blog. I was looking up fruitcake recipes last night and found a lot of blogs about cooking and thought it looked interesting so I thought that I would try it. I am not sure what to expect or were I will find the time to do it or if I will even like it. if any bloggers out there read this maybe you can enlighten me as to why you do it.

well I just spent 2 hours running around the Detroit suburbs looking for ingredients to make fruit cake and a $100.00 later (for dried fruit and Rum) I have most of it and all almost organic with no sugar added. I got the fruit home and my DD and I cut it up and now it is macerating in Rum and apple cider. This is my first time making Fruitcake and I hope it is like the tasty brick that my mother used to make, it was so heavy and rich from soaking it in orange juice for a month.

have to go check the stuffed cabbages and pick up after the kids.